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Look at this beautiful interior design apartment for family. Gorgeous white kitchen and light blue walls. Peach color walls in living room. Very unusual ceilings. INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: PINTEREST: YOUTUBE: DESIGN CONSULTATION: CALL US: 1-215-531-2967 EMAIL TO: source

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Instagram: | snapchat: sharrahrobeson Thank you to Behr Paint for sponsoring this video! Design Sessions: INSTAGRAM: Check out the outdoor video we did with Behr paint over the summer! ||Project Materials|| Plastic drop cloth Tape measure Level Nickels Sandpaper 6in wide ply wood planks 6 in. 3/4 nap roller 1 1/4 angled 15 gauge nail gun nails Nail gun +

Interior Design | The Perfect Guest Bedroom INSTAGRAM: Interior Design, Bedroom Decorating ideas, Interior Decorating ideas for your home. Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson describes the key elements in creating a lovely Bedroom with your guests needs in mind. Fresh clean sheets and towels top the list! Add to that a water vessel, bowl of candy, postcards and