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(Residential project HK) Providence Bay 天賦海灣@ B.R.G. interior design

今次設計是按照業主要求,保留部份原有裝修、翻新並加入業主喜歡的風格。由於原本的配置色溫偏暖色,加上用黃光,就如沙漠一樣令到家中顏色未能清楚呈現,所以設計師在規劃編排時刻意利用白、水泥灰、淡藍灰色的油漆 (冷色) 取代原有花紋牆紙,色溫變中性除了看來更自然,也為業主在未來選購傢俱飾品上提供彈性。在新造傢私方面,加入灰白、碳灰色、黑雲石等冷色物料能夠令灰色牆身看來更有層次感,同時也令到各個空間的物料能夠呼應整體效果。由於傢私擺位上改動,燈光也重新編排,利用米白色盒仔燈突顯傢私的輪廓,風扇燈則根據每個房間物料、大小作安排 (***所以小編提醒各業主如需要風扇燈,緊記早期要通知設計師) Above design is to keep few furniture from original renovation and remodel the apartment according to owner’s style preference. Due to there are too many warm colors were flooded in original configuration with amber lighting, it caused color in home can’t clearly be presented (like desert).