Learn more about humane, healthy & vegan interior design: https://vegandesign.org

In this video the founder of VeganDesign.org, Deborah DiMare, discuss the “why” behind cruelty-free & humane interiors. Humane fabrics and products are gentler, cleaner and overall healthier for newborns, babies, children & adults.

VeganDesign.org is not just a place to buy a vegan pillow, or a platform to join a “typical” business council. It’s about learning why that humane pillow is so important to the world and to the well being and health of all breathing creatures, humans and non. It’s about connecting businesses & consumers with a shared mission. It’s about making change and GETTING LOUD!

We are very proud of our shop of affordable humane & healthy furniture & décor that adhere to our mission and values. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!