Best living room ideas with Scandinavian style decor.
Scandinavian design is a modern concept that has long been known. Its characteristics are seen in the selection of furniture materials, manufacturing techniques, minimalist ornaments, lighting, and color selection. Furniture materials commonly used are wood, leather, or hemp. The material is processed to produce fiber which can be used as material for making pillowcases, flower vases, sofa covers, curtains, placemats, and much more.

This type of concept, you must know the function of the room. You also need to choose the right color. White color for the wall is well-known for Scandinavian concept. Besides white, you can also use light gray or navy blue. On the floor, you can use wood. Apply wood floor on the entire floor of the room except the bathroom. Thanks for watching please please like share and subscribe for more updates. All credits go to original owner. We do promote creativity. Please Donate to support favour home decor ideas channel on .This helps to support the channel to continue to make great videos like this.Thanks for your support.