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[Inspiration Pinterest] Owning a small room can cause problems of layout of all kinds. Location of the bed, storage spaces, colors of the room … All the means are good not to feel too much cramped. Discover 8 small rooms offering top-quality fittings.

Avoiding the bazaar and the feeling of crampedness, that is difficult when you have a small room. Yet it can become a cozy corner and comfort if one finds the right techniques.

1. Repainting her small room in white
Painting in white gives the room more depth. It is therefore the ideal color when trying to create a small space. The white thus avoids feeling too oppressed. Here, the window located under roof spaces offers a skylight which illuminates and aerate even more this very small room. It provides an essential vanishing point when living in a cramped space.

2. Use suitable storage spaces
Having a small room requires optimizing the space to the maximum. Placing storage spaces under the bed is a solution frequently adopted by anyone who has a room at the reduced space. Linen or clothes, you will be able to put everything in it without leaving anything lying around.

3. Place the bed at the end of the room
The position of the bed is also very important. Putting it at the end of the room makes it possible to clear space to make his room something other than a single room with only one bed. The bohemian spirit of the decoration with its yellow and red keys makes this room a real little intimist corner.

4. Arrange a corner room in a small apartment
Here is a small apartment, which, despite its small surface clearly reveals each room. The corner room, located under the eaves, is also indicated by the taupe gray color which is distinguished from white. A simple and elegant way to create a space apart for its small room.

5. Opt for a mezzanine in her small room
What better way to optimize the space in your room than a mezzanine? Aesthetic and practical, the mezzanines always make as much dream. Place the bed on the ceiling, and all the rest of the room is free to put what you want: office, sofa, space deco … With the mezzanine, everything becomes possible!

6. Make a stage for your room
Living in a small apartment may require a room in the living room. A small room can then be created by raising it by means of a platform. Here, the wooden platform combines in one piece library, bed and drawers, all in a very graphic style.

7. Place his bed near a window
When you have a small room, it is important to have a view of the outside. One can then choose to place his bed near a window. By placing what is most cumbersome near an opening to the outside, the space seems less cramped.

8. Place your mattress on the floor
Placing your mattress on the floor makes it possible to give more height to the room and therefore gives the impression of having a larger room. Space seems more airy.

Interior design | Home decor ideas (Bedroom decoration).