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Plot size 20’ x 50 ‘ [ NORTH FACE ]or approx size please click-

Free Architectural design for all my fans by [ Dream Deco 99plus ]
In my drawing-
1.Ground to Top Floor Plan with proper dimension.
2.Vastu [If possible ]
3. Ground to Top Floor 3D Interior with proper step by step explain
& correlated with the plan.
4. Ground to Top Floor 3D Exterior [outlook] with proper step by
step explain & correlated with the plan.
5.Column position[ location ] in plan.
6. Water pump location with vastu.
7.Toilet Tank location with vastu.
8. Stair Details.
9. Interior image with different angle.
10.Exterior image with different angle.
11.Interior walkthrough video.
11.Exterior in Walkthrough [Running video] with different angle.

Today I am showing you 20’x40’ or [6x12m ] house design or approx size design.

Easy step by step explain with vastu by Dream Deco 99plus

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… I will try to fulfill.


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