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You lovers of Scandinavian-style interior decoration. If you are one of them then do not miss the decoration idea and interior in Skanska New Homes. Very interesting! Sample images of the interior decoration of this design we get from a digital production company Industriromantik.
And interior decorating ideas that appear very simple and attractive. Appearance of white domination is still a choice to dominate the interior of the room. This is what characterizes the Scandinavian style. Where there are white walls around the room, a few splashes of color present in modern furniture design as a supplement and complement interior decor. This is done so that the interior does not feel dull and in addition will add to Zest and personality. A rug on the wooden floor living room makes it look more modern. Coupled together with a wooden seat sofa in a traditional modern concept, a big pillow complete the ideal position for a comfortable living room.
Furniture upholstery also adds to the Swedish paint box, along with carefully arranged books and ceramics; accessories are kept neat and tidy to retain the uncomplicated look, and the pale scheme successfully reflects the generous amounts of natural light for an ultra sharp result.