Bonito Designs is back with a bang with new 5BHK villainteriors in Bangalore. A warm little foyer, a vibrant living room, the kitchen, the hallway and of course the bedrooms.

Mr. Aleem’s project was a bit of a challenge for us because he has 3 kids which means 3 bedrooms, other than the master bedroom and guestroom. So we had to keep our mind open to exploring new designs for each bedroom so that the whole interiors look bright and inviting rather than being boring and predictable. Let’s take a brief tour through the rooms.

Foyer interiors

As soon as we enter the foyer, a cozy seating arrangement greets us. The textured wallpaper behind has been chosen in order to highlight the seating area more prominently.

The entire shoe rack has the complete basket system instead of shelves. The false ceiling here is simple with cove lights running all through and the little spotlights on the border. The chandelier hangs in the middle adding glamour to the otherwise elementary false ceiling.

Living room interiors
On entering the living room, right in the left, you can find a very useful chest of drawers with a pebble tray top to go well with the stone cladding of the wall that has the TV unit.

The veneer panel around the TV has the provision for displaying showpieces according to your taste. There is a beautiful CNC partition that divides the living and the dining set across the doorway.

Villa Dining interiors
On the right hand side corner of the dining room there is an elaborate crockery unit complete with frosted glass.

The false ceiling of the dining room is simple again, with cove lighting and spot lights.

Modular Kitchen interiors
Right adjacent to the dining room is the kitchen. For all the storage cabinets here we have used membrane shutters with soft close mechanism.

There is also the provision for magic corners which means no space goes waste at all. The kitchen also has a beautiful false ceiling, characteristic of the Bonito style.

However, the main attraction of this space is that it is an island kitchen.

Near the doorway between the kitchen and the dining, there is a beautiful CNC partition so that people sitting in the living room get no direct view of the kitchen from there.

The Guest Bedroom
The guest bedroom has a big a big openable wardrobe with lofts on top.

The false ceiling of this room has been designed with arcs that have running cove lights all around and spotlights on the border.

The son’s bedroom
We tried to do something different with his room with the POP and Gypsum board. There are cove lights in each of these pigeon holes to create a different kind of luminous effect in the room.

In fact this theme extends upto the false ceiling. The bed is a floating king sized one with two sidestands on each side. The two door sliding wardrobe has a life sized mirror.

Finally near the door we have a study table and a top storage with hydraulic shutters.

Second daughter’s bedroom
We have tried to give it a girly twist in order to set the mood. The two door slider wardrobe with attached mirror is there for both storage and dressing.

The pink bow design has been created with the help of digital laminate for perfect finish.

The wall above the bed has a gypsum board paneling done to accommodate spotlights below it. There is a Mickey-Minnie bowtie wallpaper opposite to this wall keeping in mind the general theme of the room.

Daughter’s bedroom
In the first daughter’s bedroom, not only the bed but also the side tables are floating. The beautiful wallpaper highlights the entire bed and side-stand look.

As for the false ceiling, it extends upto the wall in beams and it has been paired with a slightly darker coloured wall paint so as to highlight the cove lighting that runs all through.

The rest of the false ceiling is simple with a rectangle in the middle.

Master bedroom
In the master bedroom, the big floating bed is as usual accompanied by two side tables.

The false ceiling in master bedroom, as you can see, comes in ascending or descending order depending on which side you are viewing it from.

Through the bedroom you can directly move into the walk-in closet through the sliding door with frosted glass. Inside the closet, you can see a full height slider wardrobe that has inbuilt lofts within it.

At one end of the passage, you will find this slender pantry unit as well as an ironing table attached to it.
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