Status- built

Location- #Pune , #Maharashtra


No. Of days- 120 Days
A house is an oasis in the ordered chaos we live in. Ogling inches being the top interior designer and architects of Pune has come up with this most cost effective solution. It also reflects the nature of the owner. In this #interiordesign #project the demand was to create an unobstructed yet defined space which extends the warmest welcome, to assemble cozy yet #sophisticated common area that makes you rush back after long hours spent outside. Making common area a cozy and welcoming #space influenced by the owner personality. When we enter the apartment the ceiling has #wooden members and a #console unit. After that we have open space which gives the whole #apartment a very grand look.

The #living room is the heart of the house. The two green sofas give a very fresh and #cozy look to the whole area and add extra zing. The sheer curtain over the balcony door created perfect light in the area. A long #shelf is kept on the wall to make room for #artifacts and paintings. The #furniture has been kept aesthetically appealing but practical, while strongly emphasizing on minimum maintenance. The #dining area, adjacent to the living space, follows a similar wall color. A large #mirror adorns one wall which gives us the feeling of larger space and a #painting enhances the beauty of the wall behind the dining.

The #breakfast counter extends in some area in dining to provide more comfort and ease between #kitchen n dining spaces. Beside the mirror worship place is created. The kitchen is done with white and wooden #laminate which gives a classy appearance. The kids room are designed in such a way that it gives best space to the kids to play and learn. #Bright #color as yellow has been used to keep the room lively. White #table top and #yellow drawers study table is positioned near the window to give sufficient light while studying. #Wardrobe has been #designed in such a way that the little ones can use them comfortably. A black board is placed on the wall to make room for creativity. The #wallpaper and the #blinds which are used add to the ambience. The guest room or the entertainment room has wall large bed with storage.

The #beddesign has slightly slanted head board and storage behind it. Large window in this room was plus point and it also led to the low height bed. The TV unit is simple yet elegant and the wall behind is colored in blue to give the room a lively look. The #ceiling above the TV unit is done in wooden members and the lamps hanging from ceiling complete the look. The master #bedroom is designed to make them ethereal light and airy. As the room already have many #windows, we have utilized them for natural lighting. The wardrobe in combination of dark and light shade makes it a classy combination. They are customized as per the requirement of the owner to serve the best. The TV unit has long #metallic finish top with storage underneath. The wall behind bed is covered with wallpaper which gives a rich look to the whole room.

Right in the same bedroom, the ceiling has wooden panels that bring a new #dimension. All the hardware used in the furniture is soft closing which gives a smooth working. The master bed has diamond #headboard and the sides are also cushioned. With Lots of colors over a neutral tone, the apartment was our challenge to the current Trends of layout and design. Here is the house one can Imagine that if the metaphor for Love is light, This would be logically called as ‘House in the Woods’.

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