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Kitchen Work Triangle.

Let’s say you are planning to Renovate your kitchen.
Perhaps you are changing the position of Kitchen Platform or increasing length of the platform.
Before you make any change, you need to understand “Kitchen Work Triangle”
Every Kitchen has an Imaginary triangle that connects three main areas.
Sink Area cooking Range Food storage
Whenever you prepare food – what happens is – you move between three places
For cleanup – you go to your kitchen Sink, (say you want to wash some vegetables/fruits)
For storage you will open refrigerator (you see we keep lot of things in side fridge)
For cooking – obviously, you go to cooking range (you cook food, boil water etc )
These 3 points & all those activities around it form “Kitchen Work triangle”
So when you prepare a meal, you do lot of walking between these 3 points.
If you place these too far away from each other you waste a lot of energy in walking around.
If corners are too close to each other you will not have much space to work.
Here are 3 Tips for efficient Kitchen work triangle:
Ideally each leg of kitchen triangle should be at-least 4 feet but not more than 9 feet
Do not place cabinets or some obstruction between this triangle
kitchen should be designed in such a way that household traffic should not flow through this triangle