In the “Where I Live” home decorating video series, you can watch various discussions and descriptions of beautiful homes and their interior design. In this video of the series, real estate broker and design consultant Maryanne Brillhart talks about her lovely home in Montecito, California, and the interior decoration themes for the house.

While describing the interior design of her home, Maryanne says that her living room is great for cocktail parties, since it has a dining area, seating area, and a great fireplace. She loves old pine furniture and so it is an integral part of the décor. There are old pine antiques and an old pine dining table. Her home also has lots of different lamps made of old glass and differently-styled pots.

The kitchen is another important spot in the house. The floors are painted in sage and green. The kitchen is done-up in white, with steel accents and furniture. Maryanne says that the home decorating theme for the sun-room is different than the rest of the rooms, since it is entirely done up in glass. Her favorite room is the library that has dark walls and furniture.

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