Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson wants to thank her viewers for submitting their own beautiful Christmas Decorations to her Facebook page … Robeson Design. Christmas Decorations, Christmas Decorating Ideas. Sit back and enjoy the magic of the season with Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson as she shares just a few of the gorgeous Christmas Decorating photos by subscribers and viewers all around the world! filled with exquisite Christmas Decorations for Christmas 2014. We love you all and want to thank you for sharing your Christmas with us 🙂

Watch tutorials on how Rebecca and her team created a most luxurious holiday theme by combining the organic with the glamorous in what Rebecca calls her Orglamic Christmas Home Tour! Although the setting is actually her Interior Design office, most would consider it fitting for a luxury home.
Click on the link below to watch a playlist of Robeson Design Christmas 2014 videos here!

Christmas Decorating videos include… How to make a Sparkle ball, How to make a beautiful garland, How to light your Christmas tree, How to add ribbons, bows, garlands, spinners, hand snowflakes, How to make an inverted Christmas Tree Chandelier, Wrap a beautiful Christmas present and How to store and organize your decorations afar the holidays!

Watch the video of the Inverted Christmas Tree Chandelier Daniel made for Christmas 2013:

Watch Rebecca’s Old Book Wreath video:

Watch this video on How To make a homemade Garland:

Watch the original Sparkleball video here:

Watch the Robesonized Toxic Ball version of the Sparkle Ball here:

Watch the DIY Wednesdays version of the Sparkleball:

Where to find things you see in the Robeson Design Office:
Furniture: FourHands
Lobby Lighting by Corbett Lighting is from Black Whale Lighting
Plumbing from The Faucet Factory
Area Rugs are from Aja Rugs
Bathroom tile from BDG
Design Library Furniture from Seventh and 7
Fabrics are from Kravet
Scotts office light fixture and lamp from Arteriors
Granite on Bathroom vanity from Amazon Stone
Built-in’s are exclusive to Robeson Design by Oscar

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