Simple Tips to Decorate a Living Room | This video covers general ideas and concepts that will work for decorating a small or large living room.
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I am not an interior designer however, I love to learn (you know by now, right!? πŸ™‚ and share the ideas through my videos. I did a lot of research for this video and have tried my best to explain the interior design concepts (for living room) in a simple way with examples and hopefully, there will be something for everyone – whether you have a large or small living room.
1) How to make your living room appear larger and brighter
2) What is a focal point? How to determine focal point in a room? How many focal points can you have?
3) Importance of adding Contrast
4) Coffee Table dΓ©cor ideas
5) Adding layers and accessories
6) Importance of Balance & Texture

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