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Mike Hickman from Casa Vallarta explains why having an interior designer is important to living in the tropical climate.

The climate down here is dramatically different than most of our clients that come in from the north and they really need to be aware of the fact that certain types of materials don’t really hold up very well, certain types of laminated wood product also does not hold up very well. You need to be very careful about using solid wood furniture and acrylic based fabrics.

Over the past few years, we have been really fortunate and there has been a great number of artisans, furniture stores and manufacturers come into Puerto Vallarta and into Mexico. It is a much more higher end type of product that we have never had before. The benefit of working with an interior designer is that a professional designer, who is well known in the area and has relationships with all of these different vendors can help to help you find your way and help you to locate the manufacturers and vendors that will give you the best product for a reasonable amount of money.