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85 Curtain Decorating Ideas – Interior Design Trends 2017

“Dispersion Relation – Kevin MacLeod

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The design of the Windows, as a rule, homeowners start at the end of the repair, or use a change of decor window openings to refresh the environment. That is why, when choosing a window design it is necessary to consider a lot of criteria. First of all, you need to decide whether your blinds, curtains or tulle to perform only a decorative function, or will need protection from sunlight. You will need to consider the location in relation to the parts of the world, the level above ground (first floor of an apartment building is much more serious needs in the design of the window than the window of a country house, for example) and the purpose of the room, its functionality.
Then, you need to decide whether you want to window decor has become the center focus of your room or played in the overall color scheme of the interior. Along the way, you can make a decision about the way of mounting the eaves. If the repair is over or you change the textile in the finished interior, it remains only to choose the color and material of the cornice or string system for fixing of blinds and curtains.

A few useful recommendations that can be useful for the design of Windows in rooms with different functionalities:

if the walls have Wallpaper with a bright or colorful print, it is better to give preference monochrome curtains and Drapes of soothing tones;
matte Wallpaper look better with a silk or synthetic material curtains and Vice versa embossed Wallpaper, harmoniously look with matte fabrics window drapery;
vertical stripes on the curtains visually increase the height of the room;
horizontal stripes as a print Drapes or curtains to expand the space;
cornice for curtains, a ceiling visually stretches the room in height;
curtains with pelmets is better not to use in rooms with low ceilings.

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