Decorating a family room is a challenging task, as it’s often a room that needs to provide several functions for your family. And it’s even trickier if you’re working with a small space!

Five decorating ideas for small family rooms that will help them seem larger, and help them function more effectively.

1. Go Vertical. While you may not have a lot of floor space in your family room, if you’re fortunate enough to have high ceilings, there’s a lot of design potential!

2. Create Storage Space. Custom built-in millwork can create functional storage spaces out of the most awkward or underused nooks.

3. Add a Sofa Table. Pulling your sofa out from the wall just a few inches will allow for a slender console table (around 6-8″ deep) to slide in. A traditional console table like these will do the trick.

4. Introduce a Small Desk. A family room often has to double as an office or homework zone. If you’re able to float your sofa in the middle of the room (or at the very least, around 60″ out from the wall) you can carve out a small workspace behind it with a slender desk and chair. Just try not to get too distracted while working since you’ll likely be facing the TV!

5. Go Monochromatic. Keeping your furniture, flooring, and wall color in the same color family helps the eye to move continuously around the space without visual interruptions, creating the illusion of a larger room.

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