Welcome to Interior Design Wars! Two contestants will have one hour to compete, decorating a room using some sponsor items as well as their own inventory. They’ll be judged based off of theme, style, clip and placement, and creativity.
This round will be held on 4 / 20 / 2019.
Our sponsors this round are: Havendale Village, ADE, ChiMia, Kalopsia, fiasco, and Eliavah and Architect!

Interior Design Wars Rules:
You might possibly be given several items and boxes from our sponsors to use for this event that you should pair with your decoration theme.
You will have 30 minutes to complete this set up.
You only need to decorate one room to showcase.
You CAN leave to buy things, unbox things, grab blogger boxes, etc but still need to finish decorating in that hour.
You can NOT have outside help from others.
Please do not use any items that can be deemed copyright and stolen. This includes game rips.
Please no sabotaging the other player.

Our current Judges are:
Ossia Xevion | MrsTally Resident | ziekling bunnyhug | Shawneese Offcourse
Our current contestants are:

Enviously Resident & Jude Fell (Gatsby)

This round’s theme is: Green. (on 4/20)