Link to the Project –
Action Time Frame:
00:00:02 – Two store house project. Isometric interior
00:00:06 – Creating First floor rooms
00:00:30 – Removing walls, since each wall in a room will be of different height
00:00:53 – Disabling/hiding ceiling in all rooms
00:02:04 – Creating Second floor rooms
00:02:20 – Ruler Tool allows to mark projected room’s position precisely
00:03:06 – Walls are created using Magic Cube tool, same as on the First floor
00:04:14 – Railings not only serve as a decor element, but also provide security option
00:12:03 – Placing paving/trinkets
00:12:24 – Creating a terrace, which will also include a pool
00:12:37 – Creating landscape
00:15:08 – 3D HD Snapshot

Please have in mind that the same project and/or structure can be created with all other Planner 5D supported platforms and devices (Web/Browser, Microsoft Windows 10, Android, iOS, macOS). Only some icons and navigation tools differ, but that is not of a huge significance 🙂