InterAR: innovative mobile application for everyone to augment virtual objects (3D objects of

furniture, lamps, lighting devices, home equipment and appliances) into own interior

and virtually design and decorate your apartment by means of using Arloopa’s

“interiAR” Augmented Reality (AR) application. Objects in the AR application are

integrated from a variety of furniture and home appliance manufacturers, who upload

their 3D objects into “interiAR” cloud server on subscription-based agreement with

Arloopa. This is a completely amazing solution providing unique commercialization

opportunity to furniture and home appliance manufacturers to acquire an

unprecedented mobile platform, where they can offer and promote their production for

sales wherever the users of the “interiAR” application live. This innovative mobile

application enables potential buyers to see and assess the design, color and style of

the manufacturer’s objects before purchasing, and eliminates cases, when the buyers

return back the purchased objects due to reasons of non-fitting to the apartment style

and design. From Customer’s perspective, this app is a great try-on experience for

selecting the right objects and design they look for their homes.