InteriAR –

App is available for Google Tango SDK supported devices.

Google Play:

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ARKit version coming soon.

Innovative marker-less AR application for interior decoration purposes.

With the help of this new AR application the users can easily have a virtual preview of furniture and other interior components placing any object anywhere in the room.

IneriAR makes virtual room design easier with Augmented Reality technology!


IneriAR is completely an astonishing modern solution which provides a unique commercialization opportunities for businesses.

The main objective is to enable purchases through the application, connecting the potential purchasers to businesses. This is envisioned to be done by providing a cloud based service of creating and storing 3D augmented objects, for each listed item. This will provide a B2B business model for the products customers, allowing them to drive sales and decrease the number of returns for purchased items because of non-fitting to the design and apartment interior!


This innovative mobile application gives an opportunity to potential buyers from around the globe to experience a 3D virtual model of a furniture anywere they are planning to use it for, choose the design, color before they make a purchase decision.