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Ok do this exercise. I will ask you to stop watching this video in a minute. What I want you to do is walk outside your home. Walk inside again.
When you enter what things do you see first ? what items or objects inside room grab your attention. These objects are acting like an Eye Magnet. They are grabbing attention of everyone who lives inside your home. Everyone who visits your home.
Stop watching video! Go out & come in again. Spend 2-3 minutes to observer your room.
Do it now !
You can also asking your friend, someone who doesn’t live in the house to do this for you. Ask them to walk inside & observe what grabs their attention in first 2-3 minutes.
If you know some house which is well designed or someplace which feels very peaceful & relaxing, when you visit next time, do this. Observer & find objects you notice in first 2-3 minutes.