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Each of our courses is accredited by Pearson Edexcel; the largest UK accrediting body and one of the largest academic accrediting institutions in the world. These qualifications are very well recognised. PLUS, all of our courses carry transferable University credit values to that your qualification will travel with you – wherever you go in the world!

Courses created BY designers FOR designers
Academic accreditation is vital for industry recognition but the key to long-term success (perhaps even more so) are the actual skills and knowledge that you will achieve on any course. Our courses are annually reviewed and updated to ensure you are learning what is required to work successfully in today’s design industry.

Specialists in Design AND E-Learning!
We specialise in Design and we deliver all our courses by E-learning – this is our focus. This important because the method of teaching & the infrastructure necessary for success is completely different to traditional classroom study. E-learning is not a sideline for us.