With the Dezeen Awards ceremony just five days away, the master jury discusses how this year’s interiors shortlist shows how social media is affecting the spaces designers create.

“When I started design school, there was barely internet,” said Brittney Hart, co-founder and principal of New York-based practice Husband Wife.

Speaking at the master jury day in London last month, Hart said: “Now everybody sees good design, everybody formulates an opinion, everyone thinks about what their work looks like photographed and everyone thinks about what the Instagrammable moment is in their work.”

Interior design is becoming more accessible thanks to social media, she added. “Social media is actually a huge part of what we do, and [it] grants availability and accessibility to design,” she said.

Her comments echo statements by architect Farshid Moussavi, who earlier this year revealed that clients are increasingly asking her to integrate features that people will snap for Instagram in her projects.

The phenomenon of the Instagrammable moment has now become so widespread that Australian studio Vale Architects has created a guide showing other architects how to do it.

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