2BHK Apartment Interior Design in Kolkata

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BRIEF FROM CLIENT: To design the interiors of their city home inspired by old European Country homes

STORY BOARD: The apartment belongs to Mr & Mrs Prasenjeet Mukherjee. This is their second home in the city. They decided to buy the property because of its location and the unparalleled view it offers.
When the CEE BEE Design Team first saw the project it was in a complete dilapidated condition and needed complete overhall. The client was very clear about the aesthetics that he wanted – elegant, muted, country chic. Though there were lot of issues and restriction during execution specifically because this is an old property Team CEE BEE is extremely proud of this project.
It is a small property but we have tried to create separate spaces to create illusion of space. As you will see throughout the property a lot of wood has been used in duco or veneer finish to give it a country home rustic look. The colour of the kitchen is very unique and would not have been a natural choice for many clients but The Mukherjee’s were very open to ideas and we are very happy with the end result.
Each piece of furniture has been selected with special care and some of the stand peiece for us are the coffee table in the living area, the TV unit, the master bed and the wardrobe both having the weave finish, the distressed dining table and the side table in little Rene’s room. Each door handle and curving was specifically picked up or created for this property, even the channel less door for the daughter’s room.

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