We came across this stylish modern tiny House / Apartment designed by a Dutch architect Tjeerd Bloothoofd. It’s built outside The Hague (Den Haag) in Holland, and it’s used as office space, but it’s has everything you need to live in it full time. Very nice minimal interior design, with clear lines and a light and clean touch and feel ot the interior layout.

The space is 26 Kvm (280 Sq.Ft.) and it cost 40,000 Euros ($44,000) to build.

It’s a stationary Tiny House, meaning that it has no wheels. The architect has designed it so it can have solar panels on the roof. You can also choose to use the roof area as a green spot to grow vegetables or plants.

It’s fully equipped with a small kitchen. It’s small but deep, so you have enough space to prepare food and make a cup of coffee. It also has a tiny toilette with a wall-mounted toilet. Inside the main room you find a fold-out bed that can easily fit two persons. There’s also a built-in bookshelf with a ladder you can move around to reach the top shelves. The shelving unit reaches all the way from the floor to the ceiling. The owner uses it for work and study, so there’s plenty of space for books and binders.

The house can easily be made completely off-grid if you choose to install solar panels on the roof. The architect has designed the roof to have a very nice set of skylights, to let plenty of daylight in. It has under-floor heating, so it won’t feel cold in the winter.

Finally, it has a set of sliding blinds outside, that really adds a cozy atmosphere to the house.

Designed by Bloot Architecture http://bloota.nl/

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