The Seven Elements of Interior Design, covering:

1) Space
2) Light
3) Shape & Layout
4) Line
5) Colour
6) Print and Pattern
6) Texture
..are covered briefly in this tutorial by me, a working interior designer here, in London.

If you are intending to be an interior designer, are wanting to learn interior design online, want to learn the principles of design or even if you are just looking at what interior design encompasses then this is a short video for you on the seven elements of interior design. Some think that there are just 5 elements of interior design but over the years, I know that there are actually seven elements of interior design.

I show you each of the elements of interior design, why and how they work and what to think of when planning a scheme or a room.
These should be handy if you are looking at home decor as a career or you just plan to add one or two design elements into your home. Hopefully this tutorial will give you the outline that you need and get you to start thinking about your own home furnishing efforts!

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See you on the next episode!

Happy Designing!