Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson tours the home of one of her biggest Interior Design inspirations… The home of P. Allen Smith.
During her 3 day trip to Arkansas, while Allen stepped away for a previously scheduled speaking engagement, Rebecca decided to take a little tour with the camera crew… Unbeknownst to Allen Rebecca takes you on a seldom seen personal tour, pointing out her personal favorite design ideas and explain why she choose them.
In a opportunity of a lifetime, Rebecca is flown out to P.Allen Smiths fabulous 650 acre Farm in Arkansas. The location for many of his television and video shoots. With his world renowned rose gardens, vegetable and herb gardens, chickens, sheep, horses, donkeys, swans, Be anticipating some AMAZING videos coming soon to Robeson Design where you will see Rebecca and Allen designing side by side a Teen Bedroom, Pumpkin Carving contest, Floral Arranging, Cooking and even an Antiques Shopping trip.
Be sure to watch the “Chicken” video where Rebecca attempts to catch a chicken… in HEELS!

As far as I know… He still has no idea I took you guys on a PRIVATE TOUR of his home…LOL…

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