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Welcome to another episode of the Amazing Top 10 design ideas, with; 35 Creative Interior Design and Storage Ideas for the Leftover Space under the Stairs 2017.

Every storied building has a staircase. Using the leftover space under a staircase is not as straightforward as it may sound.
In this video; we explore 35 Creative Ideas How to Use Leftover Space Under the Stairs 2017, you may adopt to de-clutter your home; and transform that leftover space under the stairs to make it more appealing; and functional.
You can use the space as a bookcase, a wine cellar, a cloakroom, a children playroom, a kitchen pantry, telephone nook, bathroom, closet, kitchen pantry, water pond, indoor garden, bookshelf, fountain, home display, home office, workstation, study desk, lobby display, seating bench, pet house, mini bar and much more.
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