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Area – 1000 sq foot

Meet the Sanghvis. Living in a 2BHK in Mumbai, they chose Livspace to renovate their home. Below we have captured the design of their 2BHK flat interiors in detail.

As soon as you enter this beautiful apartment, the passage feel bright and spacious. We have provided wall-hung shelves for display, using them instead of heavy console tables to save on space. As you walk in, the living room falls on the right and the dining room on the left. The living room and the foyer is separated by a pair of metallic display features secured through the ceiling. The cube design of the feature is both contemporary and luxurious.

Living room
The living room is an epitome of luxury, especially with a color theme that prominently features beige, purple and gold. The space is home to a pair of three-seater sofas and a printed chaise. Chenille is the choice of upholstery for all pieces. The upholstered, tufted coffee table is coordinated perfectly with the rest of the furniture. The nested side tables allow additional table space when guests come over. Cushions in pastel colors are added to match the chaise. The feature wall in grey is textured and provides the perfect backdrop for the seating. The opposite wall features thin wooden panels and a very functional TV unit.

Dining room
The foyer opens up into the dining room. The chairs match the sofas and are paired with marble-top, metal-legged dining table. A grand-sized picture of Rajasthan hangs on the wall, speaking of the roots of the Sanghvis. A feature wall is designed using mirror panels, making the area look spacious.

Pooja room
The pooja room features MDF-jaali doors in light metallic colour. Inside there is space to store holy books, pooja thali etc. in a step-display-and-storage unit. The deities are lit well with an overhead light as well as LED strip lighting. The wall behind the deities features marble and wooden panels. The designer ensured that even in a 2BHK home, the interior design includes a dedicated space for worship.

Modular kitchen
The L-shape modular kitchen is the perfect blend of classic wood finishes (in oak) and new-age materials such as the glass cabinets on the wall. The colorful tiles on the backsplash are reminiscent of Spanish tiles that are very popular today. A special feature of this modular kitchen is the mid-tall unit in the right-most corner that boasts a rolling shutter. Other accessories include cutlery drawers, plate drawers, corners units, etc.

The bedroom features a bed with a high, comfortable headboard. It’s tufted with a chenille upholstery, to match the rest of the home. For Mumbai, we consciously think of design ideas for small spaces. Keeping that in mind, the TV was hung on a wall instead of adding a TV-unit. This allows for a lot of room to move around.

A feature wall in the bedroom is designed using rustic iron pieces, put together in a geometric pattern.

Dressing area and bathroom
The master bedroom opens into a dressing area and a stylish bathroom. The wooden-faced wardrobe looks regal in the dressing area. For the bathroom, separate glass stalls are created for shower area and the commode. To add a hint of luxury, the shower area includes a stylish niche, that can hold all toiletries. The inside walls of the niche feature 3D metal panels.

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